Gut instinct.. Do you trust or not?

Updated: May 1

The quirky urge. A funny tingle. That little voice in your head. These are your gut feelings talking. But what are they telling you, and should you listen?

Judith Orloff, PhD, a Los Angeles–based intuitive psychiatrist and author of Second Sight, believes the benefits of listening to your instincts go far beyond making good on life-or-death decisions. “Living more intuitively demands that you’re in the moment,” she says, “and that makes for a more passionate life.”

But she also notes that gut instincts are far from infallible. The right brain’s skill with pattern identification can trigger suspicions of unfamiliar (but not dangerous) things, or cause you to be especially reactive to people who simply remind you of someone else.

So how do you choose which gut feelings to trust? Orloff suggests that it’s a matter of “combining the linear mind and intuition,” and striking the right balance between gut instinct and rational thinking. Once you’ve noticed an intuitive hit, she says, you can engage your rational mind to weigh your choices and decide how best to act on them.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you trust your gut instinct or do you second guess yourself?


Do you feel that you are disengaged with yourself and find that your instinct kicks in too late?

For me, I was disengaged for a very long time and my gut instinct became a shadow and this was due to the fact I was in an abusive relationship. I had totally lost trust within myself, as this person had made me feel that I was worthless and I couldn't think for myself. After putting up with that for many years I finally found the courage to leave.. that shining light and flutter of gut instinct was telling me to run. Somehow it had broken through and just like that it was like a bolt of lightning had coursed through my body and I woke up!

As I said it took time for me to eventually listen and start retraining my brain, mindset, personality on who and what I was, what I liked and how I could help others. After many years of a roller coaster ride of emotions I am now a different person who trusts herself and has a strong sense of life and wants to help others break the pattern and start living that engaged trusting life with themselves. So today I ask you, do you trust your gut instinct or does it kick in too late? #MRSMINDFUL



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