This gentle but highly cleansing facial foaming wash is SLS-free and is excellent on the face even without any added essential oils. 


With a higher foaming action. Made with gentle, natural-based foaming surfactants derived from Coconut and Fruit Sugars.


The Aloe Vera & Xanthan gum combination is super softening for the skin and will leave your face silky smooth.


Please keep out of reach of children

Stop using if you start to have any type of reaction.

External use only

Shelf life 12mths


Also contains natural Soap Bark Extract, which provides cleansing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Can also be used as a luxurious shower gel.


Add the glass refil to your own foaming pump botte and away you go! 

Foaming Face Wash 100ml refill

SKU: Foam01
  • Apply to a damp face & body and rinse off with clean warm water.

    Used like a shower gel on the face, the silky texture will glide across the skin and is easily washed away. Combine with 1-2% essential oils for customised skin care.


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